20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Home

The holidays are quickly approaching which means it’s time to think of some great holiday gifts. If you are looking to get that someone special something unique for their home, check out our 2017 holiday gift guide.

20 holiday gift ideas for your home - portrait

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1. Color Pop Hexagon Coasters

wooden coasters

GastonMade – $26

We are loving these handmade wodden coasters available on etsy.  It’s a welcomed change from the typical round coasters for your friend that loves something a bit edgier.

2. Kendra Scott Art Deco Frame

Kendra Scott Art Deco Frame

Nordstrom.com – $75

This stunning frame comes in a variety of colors including Antique Silver, Rose Gold, and Bright Brass.  When in doubt, go with the Antique Silver, it will go with most decors.

Bonus Tip: Print off a photo of you with your special someone so that your gift doesn’t simply go into the pile of other frames without photos in them.  Walgreens does a great job of printing photos for under $1.

3. Copper Hammered Bar Tool Set

Copper Hammered Bar Tool Set

Williams-Sonoma.com – $64

What home doesn’t need a swanky bar set to help stir up some Moscow Mules or an Old Fashioned?

4. Paperwhite Flowers

paperwhite flowers


Got a holiday party to attend? A great gift for the host is a Paperwhite. We received one of these from a friend a few years back and absolutely loved it! The best part is that they are easy to maintain and add a splash of life to the dull, gray Chicago winters.

5. Custom Dog Photo

Custom dog photo


Got a friend with a pet? They will love this handmade portrait of their furry companion.

6. Custom Family Portrait

custom family photo


Looking for a great memorable gift for your significant other? We love these unique family photos. When hanging on your gallery wall, it offers a unique break from the standard Black & White family photos.

7. Animal Flower Prints

sister golden shop flower art

Sister Golden$35+

While on vacation in Door County, WI this past summer, we stumbled into this wonderful shop and met Vicki, the amazingly nice and talented artist behind these beautiful flower prints. We purchased this photo for our 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom and she absolutely loved it!  Fortunately, you can order these prints online if you aren’t able to make the trip to Fish Creek, WI.

8. Catch-all Trays for Keys and Coins

catch all tray - sloth


The foyer of a home or condo can quickly become a mess if you don’t have a place to put your keys, coins and other stuff crammed into your pockets. Why not have a cute little tray to catch all of that stuff.  We love these bright and whimsical trays.

9. Geometric Terrariums

Faceted Terrariums from west elm

west elm – $30

Succulents or air plants are really easy to grow and hard to kill. This makes them a great gift for someone that needs a little extra green in their home to help brighten the space for the darker days of Chicago winters. Make sure to pick up a few succulents to go with the terrarium so that you are giving a complete gift.

10. Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot

Amazon – $30

We have had our Amazon Echo Dot for over a year and absolutely love it! Ask it the weather. Ask it to play music from Spotify. Ask it to play 93.1 XRT or 88.1 WLTL (our favorite FM Radio station ever run by High Schoolers in La Grange). Ask it to turn on your lights with your voice. Even my mother who is in her late 60’s loves her Echo dot.

11. Dapper Animal Candles

dapper animal candles

west elm – $14

Candles are a great gift to give. If you gift recipient has a bit of a quirky side, we love these dapper animal candles.

12. Luster Glass Candles

luster glass candles from west elm

west elm – $23

You can’t go wrong with giving a candle as a gift. These timeless glass candles look amazing and smell great.

13. Olive Wood Cutting Board

olive wood cutting board

west elm – $49 – $59

This is a great cutting board that your friend can use year round and will look great in most kitchens.

14. Personalized Cheese Board

personalized cutting board

DeskCandy – $70

If you have a friend that recently bought their own home, moved into a new condo, or got married this past year, this could be a great personal gift. Whenever we entertain at our house, we can always use another cheese board. Probably because Bill is from Wisconsin and could eat cheese with every meal.

15. Hexagonal Copper Mirror

hexagonal copper mirror

LittleExtrasss – $28

Mirrors are always our “go to” accessory for decorating. Really love this copper mirror that would go great with any home with a modern, mid-century modern, or rustic modern vibe.

16. Grandchildren Print for Grandparents

grandchildren birthday print

BlackstarPress – $17+

Are you a parent? Then you know it’s always tough to get a gift for the Grandparents of your kids. We really love this unique print that memorializes the family. Also, it gives your dad/father-in-law a cheat sheet for remembering your kids birthday.

17. BIALETTI Moka Express Espresso

Espresso Maker

Amazon.com – $27

Sure, there are a wide variety of espresso makers and coffee makers but this is the one that we use the most in our home. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and makes great espresso.

18. Electronic Milk Frother and Warmer

Amazon.com – $40

Looking to make a Latte with your new Espresso maker? Pair it with this electric milk frother. Like our favorite espresso maker, it’s easy to use, easy to clean and makes great frothed milk for your fancy coffee drinks.

19. Leather Tassel Charging Cable for iPhone

tassel USB charger

Casetify.com – $60

I always forget to pack a charging cable in my purse. If you have a forgetful…I mean busy friend like me, one of these could change your life since you will always have it with your keys.

20. iRobot Roomba – Robotic Vacuum

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Amazon.com – $325

This is the gift that nobody knows they need until they have one. We have had Roomba in our life for almost 8 years will never look back. It does a great job picking up the light dust and dog fur in our home. You can even pair it with your Amazon echo to start the vacuum when you are away from home.

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Some of the links in this article may link to an affiliate partner, which means if you purchase, Design Inside may get some cash money. Thanks.

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