5 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Friends Jealous

Jealous of all of the Instagram photos of large kitchens?  Read these 5 small kitchen remodel ideas that will “stick it” to your large kitchen friends.

1. From the Counterrrrrr…. to the Walls (to the Walls)!

As mentioned in a previous post about making a small living room feel larger, removing clutter is a huge help when it comes to opening up space. When walking into a kitchen, cluttered countertops draw the eye immediately. Because countertops are so visible from eye-level, countertop clutter is more noticeable and bothersome than clutter elsewhere around your home. Not only is it visually unappealing, but it makes the counter space less efficient for use.

If you suffer from over-cluttered countertops, we recommend relocating those items to hang on your kitchen walls. You could do anything from mounting new shelves below cabinets or on unoccupied walls, to hanging magnetic strips for knife storage, to hanging pots from “s” hooks in the ceiling, and much more. What this does is spread out some of that visual weight, making your countertop more functional and allowing you to use kitchen equipment in a decorative fashion.

2. Using Cabinet Space Effectively

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With a small kitchen, you have to make every square inch count. With that in mind, it’s helpful to explore cabinet storage options that will allow you to make the most out of your space. You can utilize insertable rods for under counter space to hang cleaning supplies or brushes. Adjustable shelves can be inserted into any of your cabinets to get twice as much space as you had before. Having options that are customizable and cost-effective allows you to get the storage job done well without sacrificing accessibility to any kitchen items you’d like to use.

3. Brighten Up Your Kitchen

bright kitchen design tips Chicago design inside

All of us are familiar with the hyper-trendy minimalist look that has taken all millennial condos by storm. You know, the one where people only decorate in white with splashes of grey, and the only color you’ll find is in the planters and terrariums hanging in glass jars from rope? That one! So, we are going to tap into our #basicwhitegirl side and use some of those concepts.

Switch out your over-complex kitchen design for one with a simple white and minimalistic look. White space is great when trying to simplify, as it brings clarity to a space, it makes corners in a room disappear (creating an illusion that the space doesn’t end), and every white surface reflects light and makes the whole room seem lighter and brighter. A white kitchen creates a more zen space while also being very easy to either dress up with pops of color or dress down with clean straight lines and smooth surfaces.

4. Light Large Floor Tile

large tile kitchen design tips Chicago design inside

Unlike the rules of fashion, in design we welcome all lines. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal all have a place in beautiful interior designs. Vertical lines cause the eye to focus on the height of the room, while horizontal lines open up the breadth of the space making it seem like there is more interior volume available while melting away some harsh corners. Vertical lines can be employed in accent walls or art pieces that serve to expand the overall feel of the room, visually pushing the ceilings higher and the floors lower.

5. Windows. Windows. Windows.

windows - kitchen design tips Chicago design inside

We have talked a lot about how light affects the way you interpret the space around you. In smaller and more crammed spaces, light plays a huge role in pumping up a dull the space, and this is why windows are key!

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, having more or even larger windows will increase the amount of natural light flowing in and gives a boost to the airy feeling in your space! Plus, getting people to think you’re only washing the dishes is a great coverup for when you’re actually trying to keep tabs on sketchy Mike down the street, like the nosey neighbor you truly are.

Need Additional Design Help With Your Kitchen?

Struggling with ways to make your small kitchen feel larger?  Leave a comment below and either myself or someone from the interior design team at Design Inside will help you out.

Still, need some more help decorating your kitchen?  We are here to help!  We offer interior design services for those who need a little design help to those that need a lot of design assistance with designing and furnishing their home.  If you don’t live in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, fear not!  We offer online interior design services allowing us to help you with your design problems anywhere in the world.

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