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When we were kids, we always got excited when our teacher would give us a gold star on our homework.  We feel the same way when our past customers from the Chicago area write reviews about the interior design and home decorating services we offer.

Take a look at some of the past review customers have shared with us and the rest of the community.

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Alex L.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Bill and Katy. I hired them about 4 years ago for work on my master bed and bath, and then 2 years later for the rest of my place. They did fantastic work, and I continue to get compliments on my place… people are surprised that a single guy living alone can have such a nice place. Almost offensively so, now that I think about it.

A couple of things stand out when you work with the two of them, besides how nice, professional, and accommodating they are.

The stagegate process. Given that this was my first time hiring professionals to help decorate, I really appreciated that at each step in the process I could change it, stop, or continue going. Much different from some of the other designers I talked to.
The way I was presented options. I never felt like I had to do something a specific way, and if I didn’t like the options presented they would go back and find other ones – they really wanted me to feel like it was “mine”. But when I was stumped they would offer up their personal opinions on what would look best. Even though I’ll joke to friends that “all I did was pay for it,” it definitely feels like something I would have done if I had the ability to.
That they would do as much or as little as I wanted in managing the work itself, and at very reasonable rates.
Have I mentioned how nice they are?

If I move I will hire them again. It’s that simple.

Alex L.Yelp!
Andrew J.

A Big Yelp Woohoo! As good as it gets!

Design Inside recently helped me redefine my living room/dining room areas, and man does it look good.  Kathryn and her team were excellent to work with throughout the process.  I have a very sporadic work schedule but they were able to patiently bob and weave to get everything done.  I am very happy with the outcome and a hidden bonus is that now I am in touch with some excellent craftsmen as well.

The only downside is I have to fess up to receiving help from Design Inside when I get compliments from my friends…Thanks Kathryn and everyone at D.I.!!!!


Andrew J.Yelp!
Alexandra O.

We worked with Kathryn Cherne and it was a great experience! She was able to listen to our ideas and incorporate our design style into the color choices. I have always struggled with picking the right colors for a room since the samples at the store are never the same as when you put them in your home. She was able to choose colors for walls, ceilings and trim in relation to our space, lighting, and other materials in the home to create a consistent theme for our entire 1400 square foot home. She also helped us make some design choices on tile and granite colors, and window treatment design. She was very professional and was able to complete the entire consultation in two hours. Her expertise saved me countless hours and energy in trying to pick colors myself. Great experience!

Alexandra O.Yelp!
Nick Y.

I’ve worked with Design Inside on multiple occasions now, they’re fantastic. From picking paint colors, to hanging art, arranging furniture and even adding a new bar area in the basement.

From start to finish the Design Inside team has an incredible design style, is very very respectful of budget and are great communicators. I personally really enjoy interior design and the team worked with my tastes and opinions very openly, a great experience. I will work with Design Inside again in the future, there’s no doubt.

Some photos of one of the projects:

Nick Y.Houzz
Robert J.

I worked with Bill and Katy and they were absolutely fantastic.  They did a great job of identifying my style and blending it with their initial vision.  They did an incredible job of staying within my set budget and allowed me to make my own purchases, saving me a ton of money versus other designers.

They interfaced with the contractor where necessary and stuck with the project to the very end.  At the end of the day, obviously the owner has final approval on everything so if something looks ‘waiting room’ like someone else commented, its because the owner made that final decision.

I really can not speak highly enough of not just their design work but the designers as people.  Emails at all hours of the day/night are common because they will do what it takes to meet a deadline.  They will also do whatever it takes to get the project completed – no matter what it means.

If you are designing on a budget as I was, I HIGHLY recommend Design Inside and quite frankly, can not speak highly enough of them.

Robert J.Yelp!
Teresa & Kevin F.

My husband and I have never had an eye for colors or decorating so we hired Design Inside to work on our apartment and help with our home office.  What started off as work on a small office eventually became a redesign of our whole place (not to mention my husband’s office) because they were so amazing and beyond reasonable!

Katy makes you feel at ease and helps you figure out your style instead of pushing an agenda on you.  Never did they make us feel awkward when we’d have to reevaluate an idea and stick with a budget.  In fact, Katy would offer up a range of options at different price points and helped us figure out ways to make the most out of what we already owned.

Everyone who has seen our place has been blown away with what Katy did.  Her ideas, eye for design, and personality just make her a joy to work with.  We will use her every chance we get and recommend her to everyone.

Teresa & Kevin F.
Tom C.

We contacted Design Inside because we were having difficultly picking out colors for our new condo.  We had never used a designer before and after using them I will call them any time we need any major work done.  They exceeded our expectations in every way and did a great job of finding out what our style was before they even started working.  Their fee is more than reasonable and they even helped us pick out fixtures via email for no charge. We probably even saved money by using them because I know we would have spent a lot on buying paint samples.  This doesn’t even include the time and hassle of the process.  Hands down this is some of the best money I’ve spend on my condo. Thanks Bill and Kathryn.

Tom C.Yelp!
Cynthia H.

Design Inside was exactly what we were looking for when the need to do some interior renovations became evident.  We knew we wanted a creative solution of high quality and good value.  This was our first time working with an interior designer and we went in with some trepidation, not knowing what to expect to spend or how we should expect to be treated as a young couple in a nice yet modest two bedroom condo (rather than the wealthy owner of a single family home who was looking to overhaul an entire floor).  The Chernes treated us like their one and only clients (though we knew we weren’t), were forthright about probable expenses (going above and beyond in their estimates when asked), and came up with a creative solution after only spending 10 minutes in our home.  Along with their own expertise and just plain fun personalities, they also brought on board a fabulous husband-and-wife contractor team who were equally as excellent in the quality of their work.  Without the Chernes, we never would’ve identified these contractors on our own.  Kathryn added on some services midway through our project at my request, sleuthing out the perfect fabric for a chair I wanted to reupholster with all the seriousness of looking for the holy grail.  We are so happy with their work and only wish we had additional needs on which to seek their expertise.  Now how many people say that about their interior designers?  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Design Inside to someone looking for an inspired, kind interior design team who brings high quality and excellent value to the table.

Cynthia H.
Eric Z.

I worked with Design Inside to remodel two bathrooms in my Chicago condo.  I had never attempted even a basic remodel before.  After hours spent independently looking through design blogs, books, and home furnishing displays, I decided this project was too big an investment to leave to my own inexperienced planning.  Abigail from Design Inside was very helpful in guiding the project from start to finish.  Now that the project is done, I am extremely happy with the results.  I am very pleased with the way they answered my questions and with their willingness to iterate design ideas back and forth until we arrived at the final plan.  Abigail was also very attentive during the implementation phase and made sure the contractor’s work matched our expectations.  Both bathrooms in my condo are small spaces.  The hallway bath has a great traditional look and the master bath has a transitional style with beautiful lighting and an elegant stone ledge.  I appreciate the attention to detail given by Design Inside and would definitely recommend them.

Eric Z.
Dave & Mary G.

Interior design can be one of the more overwhelming things in life. I was extremely apprehensive getting help decorating my new home, but I couldn’t do it confidently on my own. I feel like I know when things look good but I can’t put it together myself. I’ve heard so many horror stories about decorators not worrying about how much you spend and just rushing through the job. Design Inside was NOT like this at all! I honestly couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Design Inside makes things look and feel amazing while always monitoring how much you’re spending is the best way I can sum up my experience. Both Bill and Katy are extremely nice and made the whole experience actually enjoyable. Next time I move, I will absolutely have them help me again. I recommend them without hesitation. You will not be disappointed.

Dave & Mary G.Houzz
David K

Fantastic. I had hired someone who took a lot of my money and left my bathroom looking like crap. I feared I’d just have to live with it, but I decided a little more money might help.

I contacted Design Inside and they responded right a way. Kathryn came out, looked at the room, quickly explained what was wrong, and named a number of possible fixes: from paint to larger choices. She then left and told me she’d work out some of the possibilities.

Little did I expect a box with tiles choices and paint chips and text explaining what with what delivered to my door. Fantastic. We spoke a number of times and she listened was remarkable articulate.

This was the best money I spend on the entire bathroom and my only wish is that I had called them first. I cannot praise these people enough.

David KYelp!
Patricia & Keith D.

I once read that when it comes to service, you can get two of the following, but never three: speed, quality, and cost effectiveness. Kathryn and her team at Design Inside prove that it’s actually possible to get all three! I was astounded that Design Inside was able to design a beautiful and unique space for my family so quickly. The turn-around on scheduling an appointment and having Design Inside produce a plan was less than two weeks. (folks, THAT’S OUTRAGEOUSLY FAST! Of course, mine may be a unique case; but judging by the air of normalcy, I’m inclined to say that speed is something Design Inside prides themselves on.)

But not only was the plan beautiful and unique, it was delivered and presented with professionalism and clarity. Design Inside both mailed and hand-delivered the plans; the Senior Designer, Kathryn, took the time to explain them to me in layman’s terms; she cheerfully answered all my questions and elaborated when she sensed I was confused or not entirely seeing her vision.

Finally, I was impressed with Design Inside’s pricing. Of course, there are a lot of folks out there who don’t seem fazed by prices. After all, if you even have the luxury of *Thinking* about an interior designer, you must be loaded, right? But I am neither loaded nor unfazed by prices; I just have a respect for beauty and enough sense to know when it’s time to call in the experts!  Money matters to me, and I want to keep my money. Kathryn and her team were reasonable, fair, and cost-conscious. In all, I just felt like they were working with me every step of the way. I’m quite impressed and look forward to moving ahead with them.

Patricia & Keith D.Houzz
Nancy Van Dyke

Abigail was fantastic to work with and helped pick all my paint colors! Everything looks great! I would highly recommend her.

Nancy Van DykeFacebook
Elizabeth N.

Thank you Katie for all your help!!!!!  From paint colors, bedding choices, room layout, rug choices – your advice was worth every penny!

I purchased the paint consult – which don’t be fooled by the name is 2 hours of paint and interior design advice.  I wish I purchased this when I first moved in – Katie has a great eye, great ideas for the price sensitive, and experience working with different vendors.

Elizabeth N.Yelp!
Sara B.

5 stars says it all!  Design Inside, and Katy and Bill, are as good as it gets!  We were faced with a major remodel on a minimum budget and from the moment we spoke with Bill and met Katy, we knew it was a match made in material (i.e. paint and design) heaven.  From floors to furniture, granite to paint, they made the entire remodel process smooth and fun.  They helped define our own unique style.

Sara B.Yelp!
Judy R.

Katie is a true gem..she helped me get through this frustrating process with great ease..I loved how my living room turned out..!!

Judy R.Yelp!
Joyce B.

Everyone we worked with at Design Inside were respectful of our ideas, time and budget. Not knowing much about how to design a mudroom, they brought some fresh ideas to the table. We decided on a concept that worked well with the space and met all of our needs.

So if you have an idea but can’t seem to figure out all the details – then call Design Inside. They will help make your concept a reality!

Joyce B.Houzz
Beatrice B.

Everyone can benefit from some professional help and this includes our homes.  A home if it doesn’t feel right can cause you some anxiety and life is already fraught with enough stress.  Who needs more when they walk through their front door?  Not me!    It should be a haven from the stress ball world and filled with the things you like to have around you, after all it is the one environment that you can control.

Kathryn and Bill are the house therapists and they can help you get your stuff together in a non-threatening way. They are really nice, down to earth people, not stuck up designers who only work in certain zip codes.  They never made me feel bad and I was really inspired to start working on my place.

So you can only afford Ikea but have caviar tastes..they’ll work with you, just be brave and pick up that phone and have them come by.  I promise you won’t have to sell a kidney to have a nice place.

Beatrice B.Yelp!
Larry S.

The talent that Kathryn has for interior design is second to none.The way she can select colors for any home and decor ,and also for any home layout, is truly amazing. With  vast knowledge of interior design of furiture and window treatments, your house will have that pop look you have always wanted. I would recommend Kathryn and her team to any one I know. Great priceing , great end results ,and a great personality, what a combination.

Larry S.
Katie W.

My husband and I needed some decorating/design help, but were hesitant to consult a professional, as we only needed help in a few areas.  We were having a tough time selecting backsplash tile & paint colors.  But our biggest problem was designing an attractive & functional furniture layout in the living room/dining room (great room) of our lincoln square condo.

Kathryn and her team were outstanding.   They listened to our needs, set realistic expectations, and helped us through every step.  For each project, Kathryn gave tips to do it ourselves as well as provided vendor options, if we preferred to hire someone.  They worked around our schedules, including an early morning paint consultation and an evening trip to Tile Outlet (great place that Kathryn suggested!).  They always kept budget in mind – we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.  They are truly talented.

I will continue to consult with Kathryn and the entire Design Inside team for any project, no matter how big or small!

Katie W.Yelp!
Ashley M.

A great team to work with. They keep deadlines in mind and are respectful of the budget. Besides that, they have awesome ideas and are just fun!

Ashley M.
Pete and Ann G.

Courtney from Design Inside helped us create our urban oasis in the West Loop.  She did color selection, space planning and made furniture recommendations.  Courtney was respectful of our time and budget, and super easy to work with.  Project actually came in under budget, and Courtney promptly returned the remaining balance of our deposit.
I would recommend Design Inside to anyone looking for interior design services.

Pete and Ann G.Palos Heights, ILYelp!
Tara J.

Kathryn and Bill helped us select new custom blinds for the main floor of our home. They went above and beyond by leaving fabric samples, describing visuals and suggesting ideas as well as talking us thru the pros and cons of each selection. This was tremendously helpful as it was a large purchase and scary one since you can’t really “try before you buy”. The process was incredibly thorough – and I can’t wait to work with them down the road.

Tara J.
Brad O.

I could not imagine having a more positive experience with interior designers than I had with Katy and Bill.

They worked around my busy work schedule and met with me on evenings and weekends. Katy quickly assessed my personal style and brought me a handful of fantastic options for each item that I requested. The paint colors and tile she selected were perfect, and she found an amazing convertible living room table that gets compliments from every guest in my home. Also, because Design Inside charges by the hour (rather than as a percentage of purchases), they had no incentive to ‘upsell’ me to more expensive tile, fixtures, or furniture. The total cost of my redesign was very reasonable and within the budget I communicated to Katy and Bill.

Perhaps most impressive, Katy managed the entire execution of the redesign on my behalf. I travel for work 3-4 days a week, so Katy received all deliveries and managed all subcontractors on my behalf. I would arrive home each week to see more of my condo transformed. It couldn’t have been easier.

Katy and Bill are consummate professionals, and I recommend them unconditionally – especially for first-time interior design users.

Brad O.Chicago, ILYelp!
Spencer L.

If it weren’t for Design Inside, my husband and I would still be sitting on folding chairs and sleeping on an air mattress a year after moving into our new condo.  Soon after buying our place, we took one trip to a mammoth furniture store and quickly realized we had no idea where to begin.  Furniture, artwork, rugs, window treatments – we were completely overwhelmed with all the options out there.  I called Design Inside based on their reviews and their website, and a couple days later Bill and Kathryn came over to do a walkthrough.  They had such good ideas for every room and were extremely flexible with our budget constraints, style preferences, and timeline.  On top of their incredible design expertise, they are just a pleasure to work with.  They did an amazing job turning our house into a home, and we are very thankful we made that call to them.

Spencer L.
Laura R

Bill and I first met through our businesses and I have since become friends with him and his wife Katy – I love it when I find an opportunity to swap services with other local small businesses!

Before I came across Design Inside I didn’t know that there was such a thing as affordable interior designers – I always thought that only the super rich with mansions filled with expensive furniture hired them. But Bill & Katy bring their impeccable taste to any project no matter the size. They are both super easy to get along with and you won’t find even a hint of “design snob” persona – and most importantly they create beautiful finished products.

Laura RYelp!
Daniel K

I have worked with Design Inside on their projects and must say they are some of the most professional people out there.  Bill and Katy know how to run a business and they know how to get things done in the most stylish way according to each client’s budget and timeline.  I can’t imagine why anyone would hire anyone else if they want it done quickly, with flair and with economic value.

Daniel KYelp!
Chris C

Working with the folks at Design Inside has been a wonderful experience. I worked mostly with Abigail on a few rooms in my house and a small job at my mother’s. Abigail is talented, responsive and an overall pleasure to work with. The time and expense I put into their services resulted in rooms we are very happy with and I spent my money much more effectively than had I tried to do it on my own. We designed a room for the kids to play in/recreation area, redid a powder room and came up with plans for LR/DR and two bedrooms. I’ll use them again for sure.

Chris CYelp!
Jody P.

We worked with Abigail to design our dining room and our bedroom, as well as to pick paint colors throughout the house. Everything was great. She was very easy to work with and communicated well. Listened to our requests and with our input, we came up with design ideas to suit our family’s needs. She worked to keep things within our budget and worked hard to get everything accomplished in a timely manner.

We are very happy with the results and can’t wait to start working on other parts of the house.

Jody P.Yelp!
Laura R.

We contacted Design Inside because we couldn’t decide on paint colors and backsplash tiles for our new condo. Abigail came for our consult full of ideas and prepared with samples. Once we settled on a few ideas, she had samples ordered for us and contacted several different tile stores to pull samples.

Throughout the process, we frequently reached out to Abigail and she was extremely prompt in her response and always willing to help. We really felt like she went above and beyond to help us.

Overall, we were very pleased with our experience. And, the price was great!

Laura R.Yelp!
Bill W.

My girlfriend and I worked with Bill and Katy on several occasions while living in Chicago (in multiple apartments and condos) and the best way to describe the experience is “top notch”! From start to finish, they were there through every step in the process. They have a keen eye for color, design, use of space and most importantly, they listen!

Because they listened to us explain our needs and wants, they were able to give us choices that revolved around the things WE wanted (not their own personal tastes). They peppered in just enough of their own style sense to give us the confidence to think a little outside of our boxes and take a chance (or two). We couldn’t have been more happy with the results.

My only regret is that we moved to Los Angeles and it is a bit too far to receive in person design consultation. I HIGHLY recommend Design Inside!!!

Bill W.Yelp!

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