How To Pick the Best Closet Light For Your Home

As Interior Designers in Chicago and Milwaukee, we love our closets!  With every closet, lighting (and closet organization) is really important and it can be tough to pick the best closet light for your home.  Today, we will cover the 2 main types of closet lighting options and how to pick the best fixture and bulb for the space so you don’t start a house fire.

Best Closet Light for Your Home

The Best Surface Mounted Closet Lights

Surface lights are probably the most common type of closet light we see around the city of Chicago, Milwaukee, and the suburbs.  Typically the lights are either mounted to the ceiling or to one of the walls of the closet.  According to the National Electric Code (NEC), or NFPA 70, there are set standards for all lighting fixtures that are installed in a closet.  For surface mounted lights, they need to be covered.  This helps reduce the chances of a fire from the clothes touching the hot incandescent bulb.  Please be safe and follow the standards.

Depending on the size of the closet, usage, and budget, many times we will simply replace these lights with a LED bulb or larger fixture to really increase the output of light while running at a cooler temperature than an incandescent light.  Most of these bulbs will be rated at 5000K which means they will let off a bright (almost bluish) white light.  This is fine for pantries and linen closets.  If this is a clothing closet, we recommend replacing the bulb with one of our favorite LED bulbs that is rated closer to 3000K to better represent the color of your clothes.

basic closet light

Basic light, perfect for a LED fixture to offer bright light without the heat of an incandescent

Thin LED light that is great for hall closets and pantries

4′ LED light, great for pantries and laundry room closets.  Not the most beautiful, but puts out plenty of light

The Best Semi-Flush Closet Lights

If you have a walk-in closet in your home, then you will typically have a semi-flush ceiling light.  In these situations, we try to offer multiple light sources since the ceiling fixture is rarely enough to adequately illuminate the space.

For the ceiling light, we will pick a “statement” piece that becomes a focal point of the closet.  Additionally, we will add in-shelf lighting.  There are many great battery powered LED options that will reduce the amount of electrical work required.  Alternatively, we may replace the single light fixture with a track light that offers a brighter, more directional lighting option.

Semi-Flush Light in Closet

Semi-flush light fixture that looks great in a modern walk-in closet

Battery-powered LED light strips, perfect for closets

stylish white LED track light

Track lights provide ample directional lighting for your closet

Need Additional Help?

Are you in a situation where you can’t figure out how to properly light your closet?  Need help with designing a bedroom that you love?  We are here to help.

We offer interior design services for those who need a little design help to those that need a lot of design assistance with designing and furnishing their home.  If you don’t live in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, fear not!  We offer online interior design services allowing us to help you with your design problems anywhere in the world.

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