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Children's Bedroom Design Process - Finding Inspiration

Over the next few weeks, Katy and I are going to guide you through our creative process of how we design a space for a kid (this process also applies to big kids too). The first step is to find inspiration for your new space.
Chicago Recylcing Centers

Chicago Recycling Centers

We are big believers in recycling everything that we can, follow our latest guide to find recycling centers around Chicago.
Creating a budget for your next design project

Budgeting for Materials in Your Home Renovation

Pulling together a budget for your next home renovation or decorating project can be tricky. Check out our guide to help you estimate your next home project.
How To Recycle Your Refrigerator for Cash Featured

How To Recycle Your Refrigerator for Cash

When you recycle your refrigerator you not only help save money on energy bills, you can also earn cash for your old appliance in Chicago & Milwaukee.

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What Size HDTV is Right For My Room?

Instead of buying the biggest Flat Panel HDTV that you can afford, use this guide to determine the proper size HDTV for your room.

Home Styles

When choosing a style for your home be sure to do some research. …

Selecting a Contractor

Find a contractor with a good reputation, and who can deliver…