Looking for some free interior design and decorating tips that you can use when working on your own home? Look no further.

How to Decorate a Mudroom To Fit Any Space

Mudrooms can be key for keeping your home organized. We will show you how to decorate a mudroom that looks cute and meets the needs of your busy lifestyle.

Style a Space to Keep Your Kids Off the XBOX All Summer

With summer here, now is the perfect time for styling your child’s playroom to entice them off the couch while creating fun space for the whole family.

Spring Cleaning Tips (From Designers Who’ve Seen it All)

Get ahead of your spring cleaning projects with these ten tips for cleaning and decluttering your home from our team of designers who have seen it all.

Home Gym Design Tips

Though we love many of the local Chicago gyms, having a beautifully designed home gym is great for those days when you need to squeeze in a quick workout.

Most Popular Design Projects of 2018

At the end of the year, we love to take a look back and reflect upon the past 365 days. One of our favorite things to do is to take a look at our most popular projects for the year that we have posted to our interior design blog and Instagram.

7 Not-So-Traditional Holiday Color Palettes

While the classic Christmas color scheme of red and green can bring on waves of nostalgia, it can also get a little tired. See 7 alternative color palettes.

How to Set Up Your Guest Bedroom for Visitors

5 tips to help you set up your guest bedroom to be a cozy and relaxing retreat that your friends and family will love and may never want to leave.

Tips for Your Home Remodeling Budget

When starting a home remodeling project, wise use of your budget is important. You want to ensure you meet your goals without going over budget.

5 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Friends Jealous

Jealous of all of the Instagram photos of large kitchens?  Read these 5 small kitchen remodel ideas that will “stick it” to your large kitchen friends.

5 Ways to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

A small living room doesn’t have to feel cramped. Try these 5 easy tricks to help you make a small living room look bigger and maximize your square footage.