Chicago Recylcing Centers

Chicago Recycling Centers

We are big believers in recycling everything that we can, unfortunately not every neighborhood in Chicago has the wonderful blue carts outside of their houses that makes recycling cardboard, glass and bottles easy.  Also, most apartments or condos in the city do not have city waste and recycling pickup due to the number of units.

To aid in the recycling process, I have pulled together a map of all of the recycling centers in the city that handle recycling common household goods like paper, plastic and glass.  If you have an obscure item that you want to recycle like Appliances, cell phones, or a bike; check out this helpful guide on the Chicago Recycling Coalition website.

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Chicago recycling centersChicago Recycling Centers

Waste Management recycling centersWaste Management Recycling Centers

Recycle Household itemsRecycle or Donate Household Items (Clothing, electronics, batteries, chemicals, etc.)

Get Paid to RecycleRecycling Centers that Pay You

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