How to Decorate a College Dorm Room

Get ready for college with these decorating tips for your dorm room! Read below for how to decorate a college dormroom.


First off, consider the areas where you could make substitutions.  The desk chair is a perfect opportunity to add some jazziness to the space. Ditch the chair that came with dorm room and get something a little more interesting. We recommend this swiveling option from West Elm.

Your Best Bet – a Great Bed

You’ll need a pillow and some sheets.  We liked these chevron sheets and the pink comforter from West Elm. Paired with this fuzzy pillow, you get a great feminine look.

Desk Arrest!

For your desk, we recommend a desk organizer. This metal beauty from Target is a good bet.  It will help keep all of those pens, pencils and other office supplies organized. We love it for its industrial chic.

Pop Quiz

It’s the little bits of whimsy that really make a dorm room pop.  We love this peel and stick wallpaper in blue.  The cool thing with this paper is that it’s removable and won’t damage your walls. Your RA will definitely be happy about that!

Combine your fun wallpaper with these great string lights and awesome grids for your photos and you’ve got a dorm room that sings! We recommend an odd number of the grids to keep things looking fun. The string lights add some glimmer and intrigue.

Need Decorating Help?

Do you need some help with incorporating these ideas into your dorm room?  Leave a comment below with links to the furniture or a photo of your room and we will give you our opinion on the topic.

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