How to Decorate a Mudroom To Fit Any Space

Every home needs a mudroom, a place where you can kick off your shoes at the end of a long day, where you can hang up your keys so you know exactly where you’ve left them, or where you can set down an armful of groceries before running out to the car again! It can be tough to know how to properly decorate a mudroom to have that designated area to serve as a transition between outdoors and indoors, and to prevent the clutter of mail, sports gear, bags and purses, and five returns for Amazon from spreading to the rest of the house. Mudrooms have become so popular that they are almost a must-have in today’s homes.

Styling a Small Mudroom

Chair for Entryway - Interior Designer Chicago
Coat Hooks - Interior Designer Chicago

You don’t have the space for a real mudroom, you say? No worries! All you need is a bit of seating and a little wall space. Nobody wants to sit on the floor to put on their shoes, especially not aging friends or family members, so even if all you have room for is a stool or a chair, it will be worth the investment. The entry is also the first impression people receive of your home, so look for something that fits your tastes – maybe a midcentury-modern stool with tapered legs, or a chic upholstered seat.


If you can spare it, a few square feet of wall space can give you somewhere to hang keys and set mail. Installing hooks on the wall behind your chair provides a designated spot for your bag and loose items. These can also fill in for a coat closet if your house or condo does not have one adjacent to the door. You can go as simple as 3M Command Hooks or add a bit of personality with something more decorative like these cute white hooks! Bonus points if you can fit a small floating shelf or ledge.

Functional & Affordable

Mirror and Shelf in Mudroom - Interior Designer Chicago
Rustic Bench and Hooks in Mudroom - Interior Designer Chicago

Let’s say you have the space but your budget is a little tight. We’ve got you covered! As mentioned above, you only need a few simple things to create the functions of a mudroom. For entryways with a little more space, we recommend upgrading the single chair to a bench. There are tons of options which look great and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Another way to find something of quality at a fraction of the cost is to check out your local thrift shop. This can take a bit more hunting than a simple Google search, but you get to bask in the feel-good-vibes of potentially finding something one-of-a-kind.


While something built-in or upholstered is nice, a simple wooden bench with hooks above allows for hanging multiple coats and a place to set your bag. A piece that has storage underneath is a great way to get the built-in look without the price. Use baskets to corral items like hats and gloves while eliminating visual clutter. You can also store extra shoes in the baskets, so you don’t have to run back to your closet to find the right pair!


Adding just a few decorative accents to your mudroom helps complete the space; a washable rug warms up the floor and prevents dirt from making its way into the rest of the house. Adding a mirror allows you to take one final look before heading out the door and can also make the space appear larger and brighter. This is great if you’re working within a small footprint. A bulletin board or similar is a nice addition for any last-minute reminders, invitations, shopping lists, or a calendar.

Built-In Mudroom Cabinets

Built-In Cabinetry - Interior Designer Chicago

Built-ins are a great way to maximize space and give your mudroom a more polished look. These can be completely customized to your space, or you can install pre-fabricated cabinetry to save on time and money. Including a tall cabinet in your space gives you a place to store bulkier coats or larger cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, or a vacuum cleaner. Cabinets that surround a seating area create a seamless look while adding a ton of storage. Consider a bench with a top that lifts up to gain even more storage, while still having the ability to close everything away and look like an organization guru when guests come over! Marie Kondo has nothing on you!

Need some help designing your mud room or entryway?

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