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Thanks for taking a peek at our interior design blog.  Over the years, we have helped design and renovate hundreds of condos, town homes and single family homes throughout Chicago and Milwaukee.  Why not learn from our past experience?  Read through the following design tips and tricks to learn more about interior decorating, interior design, home remodeling and other tips to help you out with your home project.

Unusual but Achievable ways to Decorate with Wood

Unusual but Achievable Ways to Decorate with Wood

You may be thinking that wood is restricted to use in just your coffee table but that is not the case! See some great decorating ideas for your own home.

How to Turn on Your Lights with Your Voice

How to Turn on Your Lights with Your Voice

Asking your home to turn on your lights used to be something only available in science fiction movies. Learn how to do this in your own home for around $200

How to use Pinterest for Design Inspiration

How to Use Pinterest for Interior Design Inspiration

Learning how to use Pinterest to find and save inspiration images for your home design or remodeling project is easy! Follow our guide to get started.

How to Decorate in Black and White Like a Designer

How to Decorate in Black and White like a Designer

Black and white decorating is a timeless color scheme for your home. We want to show you how to decorate in this color scheme like a designer.

11 Home Improvement Tips for Your Tax Refund

If you have been waiting to pull the trigger on some of those nagging home improvement and decorating projects then your tax refund check from Uncle Sam is sometimes just the little push that you need. We have ideas for $500, $1000, and $2000 budgets.