Most Popular Design Projects of 2018

At the end of the year, we love to take a look back and reflect upon the past 365 days. One of our favorite things to do is to take a look at our most popular projects for the year that we have posted on our interior design blog or on Instagram. By reviewing what people enjoyed from our portfolio or projects completed in 2018 and past years, we are able to get an excellent “pulse” on what people like and where design and decorating trends are heading for 2019.

Most Popular Design Projects of 2018

Modern and Eclectic Bathroom

Artwork can make or break a space, and many people skip on this part of their bathroom renovation project.  For this modern rustic bathroom project, we installed various pieces of framed artwork, while found objects add a whimsical charm.  People loved the eclectic gallery effect, which is so unique and unexpected in a bathroom!

Transitional Lincoln Park Family Room

Tasteful and sophisticated, yet playful – that was our goal with this transitional family room. We took the space from feeling unfinished to warm and inviting with cozy wood tones and attractive soft seating. Unique artwork selections and accessories bring the space together. Not only was this one of our most visited interior design projects on our Blog, it also ranked high on Instagram as well.

Modern Master Bedroom

We posted a photo of this modern master bedroom we designed a few years back on Instagram and got a lot of positive feedback on the bedroom as well as the bronze chandelier in the room. We always liked how simple and clean this room was. The tufted headboard with modern bedding creates an inviting place to relax and watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan. We also added an Eames Lounge Chair which created the perfect spot to sit and read a great book.

Transitional Living Room

This project photo from a few years back was another big hit on our Instagram feed in 2018. We really love how the colors and textures came together in this room to create a warm and inviting space. Also, the fireplace mantle upgrade really helped to improve the luxuriousness of the space.

Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Room in Chicago

Source: Modern dining room project by Design Inside

Earlier this year, we wrapped up the design on a modern dining room and kitchen for a family living in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. It’s been such a busy year that Bill hasn’t had a chance to post the final photos to our blog, however, that didn’t stop us from sharing a few photos of the finished Dining Room on Instagram.

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