Project Description

A young consultant in Chicago reached out to us to help him design the living room and connected dining room in his beautiful condo in Lake View with sweeping views of Lake Michigan.


The customer had a very eclectic taste and liked pieces of furniture with texture, volume, and a sense of warmth.  To meet these needs we worked with him to select a variety of unique pieces.

Project Highlights

  • The main focal point of the living room was the large wall of windows with sweeping views of Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago.  It was important that we keep this the focal point and not distract from it.
  • Once a visitor entered the room and was finished looking at the beautiful lake, we wanted them to turn around and see a living room with a warm and comfortable feel.
  • It was decided early on that we would have 2 medium-sized sofas in the space along with a comfortable reading chair.  This helped fill in the large living room while providing plenty of seating for guests.
  • A key design element of this space is the fact that we mixed a more traditional sofa with a clean mid-century modern sofa. Both pieces work together because they are edgy and are upholstered in neutral fabrics.
  • Another focal point of the living room is the suspended stained glass windows. This was accomplished by installing metal eye hooks into the ceiling and floor.  The stained glass windows were hung from the ceiling and tied down to the floor with a very rustic twine.
  • The HD LCD TV was mounted on a wood easel instead of being placed in a standard AV cabinet.  This gives the TV an artistic appearance without blocking the beautiful views of the city.
  • In the dining room we selected a bold wall covering, large mirror, and large chandelier.  By being creative and bold with your material selections, you can take a space that may feel small and make it feel intimate and cozy.
  • Semi-transparent roller shades offer a perfect way to block most of the direct sunlight (which can be pretty intense in a high-rise) and provide some privacy while still allowing you to see outside the window.

Photo Gallery

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