A living room and dining room in Chicago get a design makeover. New furniture, a fireplace, and lighting create a soothing space to relax.

Project Description:

When we were asked to help with this living room in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, it had not been renovated since the 90’s. We worked with the customer to select new furnishings, lighting, paint, and other items to pull the space together.


The client recently purchased a purple couch. It was our job to create an elegant space around this.

What We Did:

We selected the finishes, furnishings, and worked closely with the contractor to perform the necessary renovations to the space.


  • Completely changed the floor plan to open up the space and simplify the traffic flow from the kitchen to the stairs and patio doors.
  • Selected a deep flooring stain that would replace the builder basic orange maple flooring that was common in the 90’s.
  • Created a new lighting plan that would evenly light the space.
  • Picked out new paint colors.
  • Selected sophisticated furniture to coordinate with the existing purple couch; drawing in other colors to make the couch seem not so “purple”.
  • Designed a new resin fireplace mantle to replace the existing basic metal fireplace.
  • Selected a new dining room table, chairs and lighting.

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