Modern Chicago Dining Room

Near South Side, Chicago, IL

For this hip downtown couple, cool and contemporary design was a must-have. We took their dining room from ordinary to extraordinary with sleek storage solutions and just a touch of midcentury modern for some fun and funky flair. Understated yet beautiful accessories complete the space.

Modern Dining Room in Chicago - Chicago Interior Design

Warm Woods, Black Accents

Modern Dining Room in Chicago - Interior Design Chicago - Design Inside

It’s the midcentury modern pieces which bring the out the warmth in this dining room, and the tapered legs of the table and chairs reinforce the clean lines so quintessential to modern design. The accents of black found in the iron cross-braces and molded chair backs add a touch of the industrial and create a moodier, more intimate atmosphere.

Contemporary Storage Solutions

In the city, there can be no such thing as too much storage. These homeowners needed to make maximum use of their space, so we designed a multifunctional cabinet wall that acts as display, storage, and a serving area all at the same time. With integrated lighting, slick glass doors, and the bold contrast of white and black, this design is sure to be a hit.

Clean, Simple Accessories

Cute Dining Room Accessories - Interior Design Chicago - Design Inside
Kathryn Accessorizing a modern dining room in Chicago - Interior Design Chicago - Design Inside

One of the keys to modern design is carefully curated simplicity. Over-accessorizing can quickly make an otherwise beautiful space feel cluttered. In this design, we kept it minimal with a simple trio of geometric glass and steel pieces in the center of the dining table, and a vase on the serving area. A unique art piece adds a pop of color.

Need Help Designing Your Dining Room?

Are you too busy with work and other activities to design, remodel or decorate your own house? Our team of interior designers are here to help with your project in Chicago, the suburbs or online.

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