Modern Farmhouse Dining Room in La Grange

La Grange, IL

If the word “farmhouse” inspires thoughts full of wainscot and ceramic chickens, think again. This modern farmhouse dining room pays homage to its farmhouse roots while keeping contemporary through its finishes and artwork. Check out how we gave this dining room in La Grange (a Chicago suburb) the refresh it needed below.

Chicago Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Featured

A Rustic Touch

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room in Chicago - Interior Design Chicago - Design Inside

The central focus of any dining room is the table, and this piece is a show-stopper. The rustic texture of the wood combined with a massive, traditionally-carved base brings the farmhouse in. A sideboard in a similar medium-wood tone completes the look.

Making an Impact with Gold

Typical modern farmhouse design makes use of black or oiled bronze metal finishes. To keep this space feeling modern, a gold chandelier with a funky, linear design was paired with the dining table. Other gold touches in the artwork and accessories tie the room together.

The grey wall color is neutral enough to let the gold shine, and the decorative wood trim painted a crisp white is another tie back to the farmhouse look.

Mix and Match Chairs

How to say “formal dining room” while keeping a space family-friendly? Contrasting head chairs are a great way to imply sophistication, and there is no limit on the style of chair to choose from. In this dining room, molded plastic seats add a contemporary element, but upholstered head chairs with a simple profile and a slight, traditional arch to the back make this a space for the grown-ups as well as the kids.

Need Design Help With Your Dining Room?

Too busy with work and being a personal taxi for your kids to decorate your own dining room? We have a team of interior designers here to help you out with your design project.

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Modern Farmhouse in Chicago - Interior Design Chicago - Design Inside
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