Transitional Baby Nursery for Twins

Transitional Chicago Nursery Featured Image

Designing a nursery is a difficult project because it’s a very personal space that many expecting parents want to tackle on their own. When we were given the opportunity to design a nursery for this expecting couple in Chicago we were ecstatic. We were also excited because the nursery is for a set of twins, which Bill & Katy, the owners of Design Inside, also have.

Project Highlights

Organization – Organization is key when designing a nursery, especially when the nursery is for twins. Large basket bins under the cribs provide easy-access storage for extra blankets, diapers, and other bulky items. When crunched on space, the ceiling is the limit. Make use of the walls as much as possible. Out-of-reach shelving to little ones provides the storage needed for changing table accessories. It’s good to have multiple types of storage options ranging from baskets to hangers, to provide home to various items of all shapes and sizes.

Lighting – Varying sources of light is a must for a nursery. For this particular nursery we have both accent lighting and overhead lighting on a dimmer switch. This allows the parent to set the mood for the space based on the babies’ needs.

Flooring – Cold hardwood floors? No problem! Cover them up with comfy rugs. In this space, we selected a large durable rug that spans most of the room and layered the softer lambskin rug to warm up the space through texture and comfort, giving the babies somewhere to play and crawl as they enjoy tummy time.

Nursery Design Tip

Here is a fun design tip for twins: it’s very common for them to share the same room until they are much older. The alarming part to most people, is that they typically don’t wake each other up in the middle of the night.  -Kathryn Cherne

Matching Cribs – When you first walk in the room, the eye is drawn to the crisp, white matching cribs and linen hanging light fixture. Customized pieces of artwork with the babies names cut from rustic wood add a personalized touch for each of the little ones.

Small Space? Be Bold – Though this room is not very large, it was decided that large stripes would be painted on the walls in a gender-neutral color. Covering the walls with a bold pattern actually helps trick the eye, making the space feel larger. Another trick was to install a hanging light fixture from the ceiling instead of the standard flush mount fixture you see in many Chicago loft style condos. This fixture adds a soft light source, which creates an incredibly intimate feeling.

The Comfy Rocking Chair – After the crib, the most important piece of furniture in most nurseries is a comfortable rocking chair. This is an essential for bedtime stories and 2AM feedings. This large oversized chair provides enough room for mom or dad to hold each of the babies and will provide enough space for each of the kids to sit next to their parents during bedtime readings as they get older.

Nursery Design Tip

When selecting a rocking chair, pick something that is comfortable for both parents and something preferably with solid back and neck support. As new parents, you will be spending many hours in this seat. – Bill Cherne

Glossy turquoise shelves and other artwork and accessoriesDream big little oneSleek modern changing table
Bold Artwork and Accessories Make the Space – At Design Inside we love adding bold artwork and accessories in all of the spaces we design. Nurseries are no exception. For this space, we decided to go with a sleek set of shelves in a bold, high-gloss turquoise color. The shelves were then filled with various artwork, stuffed animals, and photos of family members. When designing your own nursery, it’s important to make sure the artwork is displayed in a safe place and secured to the wall appropriately. Before you know it, your baby will become an expert at climbing everything. In this case with twins, if one doesn’t think of something mischievous to get into, the other will. This is why safety is always a top priority.