Project Description

The woman who owned this beautiful town home in the heart of the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago hired us to design her a master bathroom replacing the outdated builder basic original.


This customer wanted to get rid of her small shower and separate tub to create a larger walk-in shower and multi-use storage cabinet for her bathroom items.

What We Did

We redesigned the electrical and plumbing layouts and selected all of the cabinets, tile, and bathroom fixtures. In designing the multi-use storage cabinet, we took into account the dimensions of a locked storage component. When it came to the construction of the master bathroom, Design Inside managed the contractor making sure that everything was constructed properly.

Project Highlights

  • Shower features a seat with integrated ledge running the length of the shower, perfect for shaving legs or an extra bottle of shampoo.
  • Reused the client’s existing mirrors, faucets, Kohler lavatories, and the Restoration Hardware Outlet vanity lights she had purchased. This meant the cabinets had to be designed with those preset dimensions of the reused items in mind.
  • The multi-use cabinet maximized using the depth of the space. By cleverly stacking cabinets, we gave the client a space to sit while still optimizing the storage for some smaller items behind her. The taller cabinet features a built-in laundry hamper.
  • A tile border in the floor calls attention to the same tile in the shower seat.

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