Online Interior Design: What is it?

Online, or virtual interior design sessions allow you to schedule 30 minute blocks of time with one of our designers to go over your pressing interior design questions.  This allows us to work with you quickly and efficiently over the phone or from your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or other Android device.

Is an Online Design Session Right for Me?

Online interior design sessions are a perfect fit when you have a set of specific questions about your design or home renovation project.  Here are some of the most common types of projects we can help you with remotely:

how the interior design process works at design inside

Kitchen Remodeling Projects

  • You are trying to decide between a few different countertop or backsplash options.
  • Getting a second opinion on a kitchen layout that you may have had designed by another firm or vendor like Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes.
  • Trying to get some layout ideas for your kitchen.
Online Bathroom Interior Design Services

Bathroom Remodeling Projects

  • You want a second opinion on the new bathroom layout you have designed.
  • Assistance with finalizing the selection of a bathroom vanity, sink, toilet, and other fixtures you have already selected.
  • Getting a second opinion on a paint color or tile selection for your bathroom.

Living Room, Family Room & Bedroom Design Projects

  • You recently moved into a new home and you need help deciding on a basic layout for your existing furniture.
  • A second opinion on a new sofa or end table that you are considering purchasing from Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, or some other local store.
  • Selecting a new paint color to freshen up the space.
Online interior design and construction service

Construction Projects and Other Questions

  • You are in the middle of a construction project with a burning design question and the contractor wants an answer quickly.  By using your phone or computer, you can virtually show us around the space as we discuss options.
  • Followup from a past In Person Design Session with one of our designers.

How Does an Online Design Session Work?

We have spent a long time creating and tuning our process to quickly and efficiently get you answers to your design questions.  If you think a virtual interior design session sounds right for you, here is how things work:

  • Call or Email Us

    Ready to learn more and tell us a little about your project? Call us at: 800.776.3609 or email so we can learn more about you and what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Order and Schedule Your Virtual Design Session

    Once we know a little more about your project, one of our designers will reach out to you to schedule your 30 minute design session. Once you have ordered your session, your time will be locked in. Don’t worry, if you have to reschedule, we completely understand and will work with you to find a new time.

  • Prepare for Your Meeting

    In order to best utilize your time, we highly recommend that you do some homework ahead of time and come prepared with your questions so that we can have a highly productive meeting. Not sure what to prepare? Don’t worry, we will send you our planning checklist to help you. We will also send you instructions on how to connect with us on the day of your session.

  • Your Virtual Design Session

    The time has arrived for your virtual design session. Make sure you have had your cup of coffee because we can cover a lot of topics in a very short period of time. For our design sessions, we use a web collaboration tool (GoToMeeting for you tech folks out there) which allows everyone to join the calls from different locations from their device of choice. For simple projects, you can dial in using your telephone. For more complex projects, you can dial in from your Smart Phone or Laptop and use your webcam to show us your smiling face and walk us around your home.

    During the call, your designer will be taking notes which will be shared with you after the call.

  • After the Call

    Once the call has wrapped up, you will receive a copy of any notes or documents that were created during your meeting with the designer.

How Much is an Online Design Session?

  • 30 Minutes of Online Design
  • $100

Online design sessions are purchased in 30 minute blocks.  If you think you will need more than a single 30 minute block of time, multiple blocks of time can be purchased.  If you are unsure how much time you will need, please contact us and one of our friendly designers can help you estimate the appropriate amount of time.

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