How To Recycle Your Refrigerator for Cash

Old refrigerators and freezers can consume as much as four times more energy than newer models.  This can cost you up to $150 a year according to ComEd. When you recycle your refrigerator you not only help save money on energy bills, you can also earn cash for your old appliance.

Recycling Your Refrigerator

Before you call up your buddies and bribe them with pizza and beer to help you put the refrigerator on the curb, check out your local energy company to see if they are offering any rebates.


In Chicago, ComED is currently offering rebates for  your old refrigerator.  This is one heck of a deal that we recently took advantage of in our own home when our old refrigerator died.  Some of the benefits are:

  • FREE pickup.
  • Get $50 for each working refrigerator and freezer (limit 2).
  • Dismantling, recycling and disposal of all parts in an environmentally responsible way to reduce the amount of landfill waste.
  • More details can be found on ComEd’s website.


in Milwaukee, check out the Focus on Energy website for details on recycling  your refrigerator or freezer in Milwaukee.


Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E) offers similar incentives for recycling your old appliances in Madison.

Other Locations

If you live in a different city, you can always speak with the company that sold you the replacement refrigerator or freezer.  Sometimes, they offer free pickup of older units.

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