Spring Cleaning Tips (From Designers Who’ve Seen it All)

There’s nothing like the first breath of fresh spring air outside to remind you how much there is left to do inside. Get ahead of your spring projects with these ten tips for cleaning and decluttering your home.

Spring Cleaning Tips - Interior Designer Chicago - Design Inside

Revamp Your Closet

In the life of the busy professional, there isn’t always as much time to invest in organization as one might like, so it’s important to make your time count. A properly organized closet can make a massive impact on your daily routine when you can find the clothes you want quickly without having to dig through piles of dirty shirts and mismatched shoes.

Start by sorting through your clothes for anything that is out of style or which no longer fits you. These could go to consignment, a family friend, or your favorite not-for-profit. Then, consider installing a closet system. The Container Store is a good place to start with fully customizable closet installations and can offer adjustable shelves, rods, drawers, and shoe storage solutions.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Change Your Furnace Filter

The air filter in your home HVAC system is crucial for maintaining healthy indoor air quality by filtering out pollen, dust, and other airborne particulates. However, when these filters are not exchanged regularly, they can become clogged and contribute to HVAC system failure. Although air filters are meant to be changed out approximately every 90 days, most of us don’t remember to stick to that schedule. Before you start running your A/C again for the summer, make sure to swap out your filter with a new one.

Maintain Your Gutters

Clean Your Gutters

Between icicles and snowmelt, freezing and thawing, winter can take a heavy toll on your rain gutters. Get them ready for spring showers and summer storms by inspecting them for damage and cleaning out any build-up of leaves or other debris. Alternatively, skip climbing up and down on ladders and hire a professional to inspect your gutters for you. If doing it yourself, make sure to have someone help foot your ladder, and always wear appropriate eye protection.

Tip: You can track down gutter cleaning services on Amazon. Click here to save $25 on Gutter Cleaning.

Prep Your Patio

Prep Your Patio for Spring - Interior Designer Chicago - Design Inside

Looking forward to summertime get-togethers and barbeques? Get your patio ready to party by giving it a good rinse with the hose or pressure washer to remove dirt. Wooden decks may also need a fresh coat of paint or stain (but make sure to pick a day when rain is not in the forecast!). Then, roll out an outdoor-grade rug and finish it off with fun furnishings. The same principles you use on the inside of your home can be used to decorate the outside for garden parties that will wow your friends.

If you need help picking out a fabulous patio set or a killer rug, reach out to a friendly interior designer…like us. (cough cough)

Rotate Your Rugs

Mid Century Modern Living room with a neutral area rug

Area rugs often wind up half-tucked under pieces of furniture such as coffee tables and sectionals. This can cause uneven patterns in the wear and fading of the material. Make your rugs last longer by rotating them 90 or 180 degrees in the spring and fall to even out wear patterns.

Freshen Your Throw Pillows

A quick way to take your home from winter to spring is by switching out the covers on your throw pillows. Muslin and linen fabrics feel light and airy, while pops of gold can put an edgier twist on spring trends. For a muted yet playful approach, pastels make a classic spring color palette. Try yellows with light blue, or add baby or millennial pink for a feminine touch.

Clear Your Clutter

Declutter Your Home

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get ready to find those items that spark joy. Ask yourself whether an object truly adds value to your life functionally, emotionally, or aesthetically. If the answer is no, try to donate or repurpose it. Consider that storing unused goods long-term has a cost, and ask yourself whether it is worth the space and time to sort through later. If you have boxes in your garage you have not opened in longer than six months, you may not really need to hang on to what’s inside.

Also, keep in mind that serious decluttering and deep-cleaning of a home can take longer than you may expect, and it can be emotionally taxing. Break things into manageable chunks; an hour spent here and there on the weekends can still make a big impact in the long run.

Work on Your Green Thumb

Biophilic design” is the technical jargon for bringing the outdoors in, and it can actually have a lot of health benefits. Research suggests that incorporating natural elements into one’s space such as living plants, natural textiles, wooden floors, and so forth can reduce stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, live plants improve indoor air quality by removing VOCs (“Volatile Organic Compounds”) and particulates from the air. As you declutter this spring, make it a priority to add a few plants to your décor. Spring flowers such as tulips and hyacinths are fragrant beauties that also add a splash of color.

If you are nervous to get started, purchase a Succulent Plant from a home improvement store like Home Depot, ditch the plastic pot, and pick up a cute indoor planter to re-plant it in.

Succlent Garden Plant
Cute Planter

Mix Your Own Cleaners

Natural Household Cleaners - Interior Design Chicago

Some of the most effective cleaners are the ones you can make yourself. To clean chrome, glass, or those gorgeous stainless-steel appliances that show every touch of your fingers, fill a spray bottle with 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water. Spritz it on, then use a dry cloth to wipe away water spots and fingerprints. Scrub out the inside of your refrigerator and microwave with a mixture of salt and bubbly soda water. Vinegar can help to soften lime deposits; 50% vinegar and 50% water will remove the lime crusting your shower head and keep it running smoothly.

If you aren’t a fan of making your own cleaners, we love this all-purpose cleaner from Method.

Don’t Make More Work for Yourself

Household Cleaning Supplies

Nothing is more annoying than cleaning one surface only to realize you’ve brushed dust bunnies onto the floor you’ve already swept. Work from top to bottom, cleaning higher surfaces first, so that as the dust and cleaner spray settle, you do not have to redo work you’ve already done. Apply this principle to the whole house, starting upstairs and working your way down.

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