Tips for Your Home Remodeling Budget

When starting a home remodeling project, wise use of your budget is important. You want to ensure you meet your goals without going over budget.

5 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Friends Jealous

Jealous of all of the Instagram photos of large kitchens?  Read these 5 small kitchen remodel ideas that will “stick it” to your large kitchen friends.

How to Use the 2018 Design Trends in Your Home

It seems the new year ushers in tons of predictions and best-of lists. This overwhelms many people with competing ideas in a crowded ideascape. What I’ve done is found the 10 most unique or meaningful 2018 design trends and have given you some practical ways to use them.

4 Alternatives to White Subway Tile Backsplash

We love the look of a white subway tile backsplash in a kitchen. However, sometimes you want to mix it up. Here are 4 alternatives to the white subway tile.

How to Decorate in Black and White like a Designer

Black and white decorating is a timeless color scheme for your home. We want to show you how to decorate in this color scheme like a designer.

The Best LED Light Bulb for Your Home

Finding the best LED bulb for your home is a tricky task. See our picks for our favorite LED bulbs for lamps, recessed cans, and landscape lighting.

Our Kitchen Design Was Featured on DiY Network’s Kitchen Crashers

Our kitchen design was featured on the DiY Network’s TV show, Kitchen Crashers where they build a new kitchen for a Chicago family for free!

Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Chicago

Looking to remodel your kitchen in Chicago? Check out this guide to see what others are paying for their kitchen renovation project in Chicago and other cities.

Budgeting for Materials in Your Home Renovation

One of the most common questions we hear from prospective customers is “how much should I budget for furniture?”  This is a really tough question since we don’t know what specific pieces will be selected until we actually choose specific items and get final pricing. In order to assist with the estimation process, we have come up with this guide which will help guide you in determining how much your furniture may cost you.  If you find something that seems out of line, or if you think there should be a furniture category added, please leave us a message in the comments section. Happy estimating! Read more

How To Recycle Your Refrigerator for Cash

When you recycle your refrigerator you not only help save money on energy bills, you can also earn cash for your old appliance in Chicago & Milwaukee.

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