Unusual but Achievable Ways to Decorate with Wood

There are few things in the design world as warm and inviting as the effect of wood. You may be thinking that wood is restricted to use in just your coffee table but that is not the case!  There are many unusual but achievable ways to use wood in your home décor.


Modern Chicago Living Room

Though it’s not unusual, per se, one of the most tried-and-true staples of our designs is the humble wooden tray. This can add some charm to any coffee table and is a great place to put your drinks! 

A more unique addition of wood to your décor is a rustic wooden planter. It’s understated and yet carries a strong presence at the same time.

Another cool accessory are these fantastic geometric pieces. These little gems from West Elm are fun and unusual in the home.


rustic modern wood pallet artwork
Rustic Modern Living Room in Chicago
Reclaimed wood pallet artwork modern home Chicago

You can have a lot of fun when you start incorporating wood to your walls in the form of artwork. There are so many different types but we wanted to show you the most inspiring. These were made from cast-off pallets.


In the 1970’s there was a surge of wooden paneling being used in dens across America.  Now, the trend is to install shiplap to your walls. If you are okay with removing these once the trend is finished, then we say, get on board! Shiplap adds some architectural interest to spaces.

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