4 Alternatives to White Subway Tile Backsplash

We love the look of a white subway tile backsplash in a kitchen.  We have it in our own home and have used it in many kitchen remodeling projects in Chicago over the years. 

However, sometimes you want to mix it up and go with a different backsplash material so that your kitchen has a different look and feel.  Here are 4 alternatives to the white subway tile backsplash for your kitchen.

4 Alternatives to White Subway Tile

1. Different Color Subway Tile Backsplash

commercial stove and subway tile backsplash

Design Inside – Farmhouse Chicago Kitchen Remodel

Love the look and shape of white subway tile, but want to mix it up a bit?  Try changing the color of the tile.  In this kitchen remodeling project we designed in Chicago, we went with a light green subway tile.  It paired great with the rustic alder cabinets and gives the kitchen a unique look.

2. Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Herringbone tile backsplashes are starting to become more popular as an alternative to the white subway tile backsplash.  We love the longer, larger herringbone patterns as well as the smaller versions.  Both look amazing in white.

3. Carrera Marble Backsplash

white carrera marble backsplash

Modern Museum District Kitchen Project

Going for the vintage farmhouse look? Or, maybe a traditional French-inspired kitchen or even a modern kitchen with black cabinets?  Maybe a solid slab of white Carrera Marble is in store for you.

4. Handmade Subway Tile

If you still want to keep the shape of subway tile, try looking at handmade subway tile. The tile has a unique shape to it that adds texture to the kitchen. It also reflects the light in a beautiful way.

Need Additional Design Help?

Are you still struggling with finding the best kitchen backsplash tile for your own home? Leave a comment below and either myself or someone from the interior design team at Design Inside will help you out.

Need help with designing a stunning kitchen for your home in Chicago or Milwaukee?  We offer interior design services for those who need a little design help to those that need a lot of design assistance with designing and furnishing their home.  If you don’t live in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, fear not!  We offer online interior design services allowing us to help you with your design problems anywhere in the world.

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  1. Nathan Carter
    Nathan Carter says:

    I like that you suggest changing the color of the tile. It makes sense that even something that simple would change the whole feel of the kitchen. I’ll have to run this idea by my landlord!


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