How to Use Pinterest for Interior Design, Decorating, and Remodeling Inspiration

  • How to use Pinterest for Design Inspiration

Inspiration images are a fun and important part of any project, especially when you use Pinterest for interior design inspiration.  It’s one of the most exciting phases of the interior design or home remodeling process.  It’s where everyone in the household can select images that really inspire them and excite them.  And now, thanks to technology, there’s a wealth of design inspiration out there at your fingertips.

One of the most popular online places to find inspiration images is Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network where users can visually share and discover new inspiration images.  Each of these images is called a “Pin”.  Each Pin is saved to a collection called a “Board”.  These Pins and Boards can be shared with over 175 Million of the active users on Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest

Using Pinterest is super simple, but it does take a few minutes to get your new account set up.  Follow these steps to begin pinning your home inspiration images.

Join Pinterest

Join Pinterest

Create an account using the Pinterest website or the Pinterest mobile app for iPhone or Android.  Using Pinterest is completely free and it only takes a minute or two to set up your account.

Search for Inspiration Images

Searching Pinterest for Inspiration Images

Once you are logged in, you can begin searching for design ideas.  Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Modern bathroom ideas
  2. Kitchen ideas
  3. Bedroom decorating ideas
  4. Living room decorating ideas

Saving a Pin to Your Board

Once you found an image that inspires you, hover over the image and click on the Save icon.

Select the Board

Select the Pinterest Board

Pick an existing board or add a new board.  We typically create boards after the rooms we are designing (e.g. Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen).  Pretty creative, right? 

Share Your Board

Once you have a few boards created, you can invite collaborators like your husband, wife, girlfriend, kids or your favorite interior designer in Chicago and Milwaukee (cough…Design Inside…cough).  If you are looking to learn more about Pinterest boards, check out their help guide here.

When remodeling your home or decorating a room, make sure all decision makers in the house are on-board with the design direction

Kathryn Cherne – Lead Designer, Design Inside

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Need Additional Help?

Are you suffering from Pinterest overload?  Can’t seem to come to a decision as to how your home should look?  Leave a comment below and either myself or someone form the interior design team at Design Inside will help you out.

Still need more help?  We offer interior design services for those who need a little design help to those that need a lot of design assistance with designing and furnishing their home.  If you don’t live in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, fear not!  We offer online interior design services allowing us to help you with your design problems anywhere in the world.

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